Friday, October 2, 2009

Blog Hop Challenge #13


Again, using another sketch. I am starting to like this sketch thing. The most difficult part for me was creating the shape of the white background part...I realize it is a popular shape but I don't know where to get it from so this is my version from my Cricut Lyrical Letters cartridge. I like how it turned out. Again, another page checked off the list from my niece's 1st birthday party. A few more challenges and I should have that project done :)

Blog Hop Challenge #12

#12 The Crafting Pot:

Old school--no special tools. I used postcards, regular scissors, a few pictures and a brochure from the Coke museum in Georgia. I am really working to catch up on my books...these pictures and items are from 2001. I had it planned but never executed till now:

Blog Hop Challenge #11


The challenge here is "Happy Fall". This is probably my favorite cricut image (the leaf) so I decided to use it along with some of my newer papers. The stripe paper and ivory behind the leaf is from the DCWV Rustic stack and the words and leaf are cut with my new metallic paper. The base of the card was scrap brown cardstock.

Blog Hop Challenge #10

#10--Creativity With A Twist:

The challenge was to use the theme "Down and Dirty". I was having a hard time with this one since I don't have any kids nor is my husband a car mechanice or avid gardener. The only thing I could come up with (and I love how it turned out) is this picture of my niece from her birthday party playing with sidewalk chalk. She was at that age where she didn't want to touch sand/dirt so this is the closest I have to "Down and Dirty."

Down and Dirty with Sidewalk Chalk

Blog Hop Challenge #9

#9--Just Buggin:

This challenge was another die cut challeng but it required you to dress up your images a bit. Nothing plain, don't just cut it and slap it on the page. Oh boy did I work on dressing these up. I added stickles, rhinestones, used plain and patterned paper, use my design studio to edit the tea pots to be used as frames for the pictures. I even used vellum to cut the steam coming out of the cup and wrote each person's name on a piece of steam as my way to caption the picture.

Blog Hop Challenge #8

#8--Practical Scrappers:

This challenge was to use diecuts...any kind, store bought or made from any machine. I used my cricut and cut star bursts to copy the ones in the designed paper. I added stickles, flowers and brad to dress it up a bit. These are engagement pictures of my husband and I about 3 weeks before our wedding.

#8--Practical Scrappers:

Blog Hop Challenge #7

#7--Peachy Keen:

I love these little faces!!!! I purchased the stamps when I purchased my Cricut Paper Dress-up Dolls cartridge because I was terrified about trying to draw faces. These are perfect because they tell you what size doll to use each stamp on. Only problem was that my supplies have been in boxes for about a year and my ink was almost dried up so I had to stamp twice...yes I sort of missed the second time so the mouth is double stamped. Oh well, got new ink yesterday so I will be better next time.

Blog Hop Challenge #6

#6--Chirper Challenge:

The challenge called for "sweet", a stamp somewhere and some glitter. The little foot prints is a stamp and the brad has glitter on it (hard to see in the picture). I was racking my brain to do a cupcake or something for a birthday card but while at the gym I was talking to my mom about my cousin's new baby boy and I thought that would be a more current card to make for the challenge that I would also be quick to send out. I think I am going to put slits on the inside to hold a gift card before I send it out.

Blog Hop Challenge #5

#5--Sew Many Cards:
This giraffe is super cute. I loved looking at the different designs on this website. What a wonderful stamp. I am just starting to do cards so this blog hop challenge is the most cards I have ever made (wow 4) I think this is my favorite and it was the most simple of them all.

Blog Hop Challenge #4

#4--for SPCC

This is a layout I completed about two weeks ago but I didn't think it was finished. When I saw this challenge to use the selected colors I knew I just needed to add the bright green on top of the dark green and it would give this the kick it was missing. The driving force behind this layout was the wonderful pictures. My niece with her cousins at her first ever pumpkin patch. I love the ribbon had just the right touch of glitter and sparkle.

Blog Hop Challenge #3

#3--for Whimsical Scraps & Bugs:

This was completely out of my normal crafting mind. I have done a few non-layout, non-card projects but wow. Great Challenge!! I didn't have any cute festive ribbon so I grabbed what I could find and straw seemed appropriate. Thanks for looking.

Blog Hop Challenge #2

#2--All About Me Challenge (scraplift Miranda)

I had a hard time getting motivated to do this one. What color describes me??? HUH? Then all of a sudden, while in the shower, I remembered that I attended a training class when I first transferred to my current job called "True Colors". My driving force color is GREEN. The picture is of my husband and I at my sister's wedding. Our dresses were green so I thought the picture was appropriate. The story and picture have nothing in common except the color but oh well.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blog Hop Challenge

#1 for Scrapsketch:

I think I am going to enjoy this blog.
This is one of my first layouts utilizing a sketch and it challenged me to get out of my comfort zone. I love the results. I have been needing to scrap my niece's 1st birthday party for a long time (she is 2 1/2 now) but I couldn't get very involved in my crafts until, moving etc got in the way :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I am very very new to this so please be patient. I have created this blog to participate in a scrapbooking/crafting blog hop challenge. As I was looking into the challenge I discovered that participating in random challenges it probably going to be the best way to keep me on task when it comes to my scrapbooking hobby. I am hoping to expand to card making eventually but need to catch up on my personal scrapping projects.