Saturday, October 31, 2009

Peachy Keen Halloween Challenge


create a card
• use a haunted house somehow in your card
• you will need a bat
• and a ghost
• include a Halloween greeting
• you can use die cuts, stamps, punches, images on papers... etc.. anything goes!

I even got the hubby's input on this one! I asked him if I should put yellow behind the windows or an orange/yellow. He looked a few times and said put yellow on the lower and orange on the uppers. Can't really tell the difference in the picture but I liked his reason behind his choice; the yellow looks brighter and since you are closer to the lower windows when you walk up to a house than you are the upper ones the lower should be brighter.

Also a first on this project...I used my cricut markers to draw the face on the ghost and bat. Not to shabby for a first attempt. Thanks for looking and have a wonderful Halloween!!