Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wow--almost 6 months with no posts.

I really need to refocus myself--I have not been doing enough of my crafting lately.  Sure I make a card every now and then when I need one (see below) but I really need to get some scrapbooking done.  I got caught up in all the excitement online about new Cricut Cartridges and machines etc (which I can afford none of) entered every contest I could that required a simple comment for a chance to enter, occasionally entered the ones that had challenges and just wrapped my world around visiting each blog daily.  I did win a MS Scoreboard from Capadia (Thanks again Diane--sorry I never sent a card; best of intentions.) 
One day I read a post by someone that said you really have to love what you do to post all of these projects and give away all of this stuff and they didn't recommend anyone trying to join their ranks unless they were ready for a lot of hard work and criticism...that was it I stopped reading all of the blogs.  I realized I was looking at them for the wrong reasons and didn't truly appreciate all of the hard work behind every post they published.  I peeked in occasionally if I realized it was Hello Thursday but I wouldn't comment--just look and leave. 
Now I am back, planning to really work on my own things and use blog land as the true inspiration it was probably intended for.   I needed to make a card for my sisters birthday yesterday and wasn't feeling very inspired so I pulled up my favorite challenge blog Peachy Keen Stamps and sure enough their sketch was perfect and I got my card done (I will post that in the next post).  I will be going home tonight to make more cards using the same sketch.  I might even enter one in another challenge I found today.  I have decided that I am only going to enter challenge blogs right now instead of the mass just comment to win ones until I get more of my work completed.  I will still look in but will not post.
As for this very wordy post I decided to just showcase some of the things I have done recently but haven't posted.  Enjoy!!  If you made it to the pictures you must be bored ;)

Wow I see a lot of purple--I think that is my favorite color.  Again, thanks for looking.

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  1. I love your pink tape dispenser! Everything looks great as usual! Keep up the good work!