Sunday, June 3, 2012

Animal Tags

I made these tags for my co-workers to use on the treat bags I made them for Valentine's Day.  I was the only one in the small office of 4 that didn't do anything for the co-workers for Christmas so I was trying to make up.  (I was told we didn't do anything for the holidays - it was my first Christmas with this group.)
One of my coworkers loves Owls,
One loves Pandas,
 And for my male supervisor I asked my hubby what I should use for him from the Create-A-Critter Cricut cartridge and he said the Monkey, guys like monkeys.
 Here are the completed bags.  The contain a variety of Valentine's sugar cookies.  My supervisor is allergic to chocolate...I couldn't even imagine having that for an allergy.

I glued a gray piece of cardstock to the back of each animal and sandwiched some twine between the papers to make them tags.  I wrote a note to each on the back of their animal.  The girls still have them hanging in their cubicles and the supervisor has retired :)
Thanks for looking.  Leslie 

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