Monday, May 3, 2010

MPS--NSD Challenge #6-"Kids Craft, Too" Challenge #6

Have a child help you with a craft project. If a real child isn't available use a paper kid (Child themed cartridge)

My sister asked if I would watch my 3 year old niece overnight Saturday (part of the reason I only got through challenge 6) and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity for her to make mommy a mothers day card. I had some white test flowers from my mothers day cards that I let her color with color pencils and crayons. She saw me doing my stamping so of course she wanted to do the stamps herself--at three I didn't dare let go or she would have had ink everywhere. The finished product isn't glamorous but it is the vision of a three year old. :) As soon as her mommy walked in my door on Sunday she wanted to give mommy her special card.

Like I said above I only got through challenge 6 by Sunday evening and now with computer glitches I will be lucky if I can get them all linked to Robyn's page in time. Thank you for the wonderful challenges and opportunities to win. I had a blast and so did my niece!!

Update--I had a burst of determination. I am going to try and do more of the challenges. One at a time then post. Wow I got Challenge 7 done quick (well I spent about an hour contemplating it earlier then gave up.)

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